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A Washing Experiment with Custom Printed Fabrics

6th October 2017

I have LP custom printed fabrics that I've washed many times on a hot cycle, handkerchiefs for example, custom printed on our cotton lawn, that are as hardy as any other fabric. This may depend on the washing machine? or the hardness of the water?

I decided just to throw a handful of our custom fabric samples into the wash and left them there for two cycles. I couldn't notice any difference between the first and second cycle so I stopped there.

Our Ultra fabrics in particular, which includes our silks although we don't add the ultra label to their name, should be more hardy in the wash. And yet, the cotton lawn, which is not specially treated in any way, is so brilliant, even at 90 degrees!

How do you get on with cleaning your custom printed fabrics?

We have a general recommendation that you dry clean our fabrics, but have listed our new cotton lawn and cotton percale as machine washable.

twice washed fabric
These fabric samples have been washed twice in a normal washing machine cycle

New Tutorial: Make a Zipped Purse with a Gussetted Bottom

31st August 2017

Design and Make a Zipped Purse with a Gussetted Bottom
How to Make a Zipped Purse with a Gussetted Bottom

Design Your Own Custom Cushions

23rd August 2017

Our custom cushion covers are printed onto our 195gsm Plain Cotton Ultra: a strong pure cotton fabric with a smooth texture. The cushion backs are made from our Natural Linen Union, with a zip fastening at the centre.

Upload your image to design your cushion cover. 40cm square and 50cm square sizes are available.

Design Your Own Custom Cushion Cover
Design Your Own Custom Cushion Cover

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